finding nemo: being a little fish in the big blogging ocean

You know when your excited about something, and you want to reach that goal that you have set your mind to? when I started blogging years ago my goal was to get on Problogger. When I first had a clue … Continue reading

blogging a rollercoaster with out a computer

Hi everyone, I am back. I realized how much is a blogger I missed having my computer when it was gone. But I am back in action, so you can expect regular updates. Starting Monday, I am posting three times … Continue reading

Perception is skin deep

I have been thinking a lot about one’s perception lately. Then someone posted this youtube video and it made me rethink things that honestly one’s perception are simply skin deep. Think about it you make judgments when you first meet … Continue reading

What Motivates Me to Keep Blogging

I remember the early days of blogging. On December 19 2009 a month and a day after losing my job while job hunting and crazily looking for a creative only to very come the boredom and monotony of the job … Continue reading