seeing people before their augmentative communication devices

I am sure like me most of the people reading this take their ability to speak for granted. I did until a girl in my teens who had been left non verbal as a result of a brain injury from … Continue reading

looking in the mirror at the infant version of myself

The idea for this post, has been waiting to be written for sometime now. I couldn’t find an angle to write, that sat well with me and then a few days ago: I came across something  and this post just … Continue reading

The Accessibility Mistake You May be Making without Knowing It

If you own a business you would like to think that your business is welcoming of all potential customers who want to visit your establishment, but is it really?In this post I will explore simple things that can truly improve … Continue reading

adults means a better sense of relating to my world

I have written a lot about my childhood and self-acceptance but I have also noted that the experiences of my life are shaped by how I have grown up relating differently to the world around me or at least this … Continue reading

Halloween made accessible: Tips to make it more inclusive

Happy Halloween!This post will be probably fairly short, by comparison to my recent posts. But I am curious, what Halloween is like for your differently-abled children. … Continue reading