have the courage to be different

The reality is that living with a visible physical disability can be hard, and humans are curious. Well-meaning people stare and have been known to gawk and give looks of pity. I know this can be frustrating but when you … Continue reading

Skating on the Frozen Pond

One of my earliest school memories was the field trips to the local ice rink where my classmates would spend the day skating. I was allowed on the ice in my wheelchair. As much as I enjoyed being pushed around … Continue reading

How College Was Different From High School

I chose the high school I attended, based on the supports I would need. Before high school, school life: and more specifically my bathroom visits were scheduled around when I had an educational assistant available. My educational assistant also acted … Continue reading

track and field in school

When I was in grade seven or eight, I don’t remember which I was able to attend with the rest of my school, the local track meet. My friend who is also in a chair, and I decided we wanted … Continue reading

cerebral palsy made my college classmates uncomfortable

Cerebral palsy makes me different. Different is a relative term here as many of my experiences were the same as my peers – I attended mainstream school and went to mainstream classes. But I was always keenly aware of the differences. … Continue reading

childhood winter blues

So it has been a while since I have posted I find the cold seems to be effecting me physically; but then again who doesn’t feel the impact of a cold and snowy winter? Winter used to impact me a … Continue reading

I hope you dance!

Perhaps my earliest memory was asking my mom why I couldn’t run, a reflection within my childhood consciousness of the notion that I was physically limited by my own broken body. if you like my content why not help me … Continue reading