Therapy in school

I know I am not the only one who had some form of physical therapy as part in school as part of gym class. I didn’t understand why my classmates generally enjoy gym class especially on the days when I … Continue reading

Skating on the Frozen Pond

One of my earliest school memories was the field trips to the local ice rink where my classmates would spend the day skating. I was allowed on the ice in my wheelchair. As much as I enjoyed being pushed around … Continue reading

Why Everyone Should Have A Blog?

Because of your disability have you ever felt limited or just downright left out?  I have found that there is not much in life that doesn’t require some means of adaption on my part, purely because the world was not … Continue reading

the artistic side of blogging

I had no idea when I started blogging that it would mean anything to anyone, except me! As of today I have reached 3,000 hits on since November 22, (not to mention the 15,000+ hits I received in the … Continue reading

I hope you dance!

Perhaps my earliest memory was asking my mom why I couldn’t run, a reflection within my childhood consciousness of the notion that I was physically limited by my own broken body. if you like my content why not help me … Continue reading

I love photography but HELP

ok guys so last summer i bought a panasonic dmc fs7 point and shoot camera and i love it! It has had some issues lately auto focusing but none the less i have had some great shots as i will show below if you like my … Continue reading