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Holiday Ideas that reduce stress When You Have a Disability

When we think of the holidays it all conjures up memories of grandeur for many of us. But when you have a physical disability the holidays can also be slightly stressful due to accessibility. Over the years, I have come … Continue reading

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Artrage for digital expression

For those of you seeking a means for your child to be visually creative, may I suggest Artrage 3. I have just been playing with it as it came with the Wacom drawing tablet that I received for Christmas. if … Continue reading

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Price is Right Made Accessible

So, on Christmas Day I happened to find an episode of The Price is Right on TV and low and behold it answered my question about The Price is Right. if you like my content why not help me out … Continue reading

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Making the Holiday Season Accessible to All

It is a challenge during the holiday season to overcome barriers because of disability. A lot of holiday festivities are held in private homes of family and friends. This can present an obstacle because many people’s homes are not accessible. … Continue reading

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The Boxing Day Report 2011

Hello everyone, happy holidays! To my Canadian readers: happy Boxing Day. How many of you are out there now¬†braving the malls? Sorry with Christmas day yesterday this post is on the late side however better late than never I guess. … Continue reading

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Christmas Traditions

My sister is more into traditions then I she still makes mom had candy for easter and insisted when she lived at home that the tree be put up on December 1st while listening to Bing Crosby’s Merry Christmas CD … Continue reading

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Freedom and Independace: Staying on My Own

So for the last two weeks of July, since before I was born that has been the time that my parents have chosen to take their vacation in the summer. Until this year, I would travel with them to spend … Continue reading

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