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seeing people before their augmentative communication devices

I am sure like me most of the people reading this take their ability to speak for granted. I did until a girl in my teens who had been left non verbal as a result of a brain injury from … Continue reading

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social isolation and cerebral palsy can be helped by social media

All my life I have struggled with talking to my friends. I know I am not alone with the social isolation that cerebral palsy can create, but have you ever stopped to think how social media can help? It is … Continue reading

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The Bridge Over Isolation Waters

I grew up in a world, where I was perceived as different. That being said, I know that this sense of difference I’ve felt over the years has being a driving force in how my experiences were shaped. Being that … Continue reading

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building or expanding community online

In yesterday’s post I wrote of the importance of interpersonal communication.  Going slightly in a different direction –today talking about how to build or rather expand your community online. if you like my content why not help me out by … Continue reading

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What makes my blog successful or not?

This is a question I know I have posted before but I would like to share why I think it is: when this blog was founded I was bored on a winter’s day. I literally if you like my content why … Continue reading

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