Cerebral Palsy in Slow-Motion

I came across an interesting concept: do you ever feel like you’re doing tasks in slow-motion? This is not something I am overly aware of feeling. But I want to explore this, because I am always looking for new and … Continue reading

Startle Reflex:the question I have always had

I have wondered if cerebral palsy and the startle reflex is commonly associated with it, does everyone with cerebral palsy have the startle reflex? if you like my content why not help me out by joining my mailing list its … Continue reading

how to help your childs classmates or peers understand cerebral palsy

This is a question that I’ve pondered since I first began speaking as a teenager realizing that I could make change in the world and this in truth became the driving force behind my blog. The question was this how do … Continue reading

World Cerebral Palsy Day 2012

Happy world cerebral palsy day this is the first of its kind and is to be an annual event that I have the pleasure of being involved. When I started this blog I have to say I expected very little … Continue reading

an event for you all to consider

For those of you who have been following my blog for sometime will know that the first Tuesday of September from now on has been named world Cerebral Palsy day.Tomorrow just happens to be that day so if you all … Continue reading

Looking at social stigma and cerebral palsy

cerebral palsy bring with it in it’s very nature social stigmas. Be it something that causes social isolation because one’s communication or mobility is comprised or access to accessible resources poses a problem. if you like my content why not … Continue reading

Social isolation: Online bridges the gap over troubled waters

I think the common thread that I have noted through my life is that myself and my peers with cerebral palsy especially at one time or another have struggled with social isolation. I think part of that is speaking from … Continue reading