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the love of food

I enjoyed a fantastic pepperoni pizza and Caesar salad the other night with friends. While we crowded around the kitchen table talking and laughing, I thought about food and its importance to my physical and emotional well-being. if you like … Continue reading

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The Conclusion to the Countertop Oven Debate

If you read this blog regularly, you will remember some weeks ago that my roommate had me ask on her behalf about counter top ovens She wanted one she could bake a cake in if you like my content why … Continue reading

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Counter Top Ovens

Does anyone know if there is a counter top oven that allows you to bake cakes? My roommate is considering buying the Cricut Cake Machine, which would allow her to decorate cakes. if you like my content why not help … Continue reading

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adventures with the pasta boat

As many of you know I am always looking for accessible tools for independent cooking. One of my favourite foods is pasta. so, the other day when shopping I came to find the pasta boat a microwave pasta cooker.  if … Continue reading

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