Why an inspiring question every kid is asked made me uncomfortable

I distinctly recall an art project in elementary school that was phrased in the form of a question/ I think it was intended to be fun and inspiring question, but instead left me feeling keenly aware of my disability if … Continue reading

2 things to remember that not everyone knows about cerebral palsy

I take for granted that I have a broader understanding of cerebral palsy because I live it. I forget that not everyone has the same understanding of the disability. I remain humble but admittedly forget that not everyone has the … Continue reading

what harry potter and disability have in common

Harry potter fans are all too familiar with the invisibility cloak and frankly, so am I, thanks to the visibility of my cerebral palsy I am left with the feelings of social invisibility that rears its ugly head when lack … Continue reading

are support staff overly helpful at times?

Moving out on your own has its challenges for anyone, but a unique set of challenges arises when you have a physical disability and require assistance from others to accomplish activities of daily living. Figuring out what you actually need … Continue reading

disability in mainstream television

Today, while writing this I am watching television. And although there are representations of people with disabilities in mainstream television in reality TV I’m frustrated that none of these representations include in wheelchairs. I should note that yes Artie from … Continue reading

learning of cerebral palsy later in life

I have always known of my cerebral palsy and I feel blessed by this, I know of people who for one reason or another find out about their CP later in life. This still shocks me, here’s why. I am … Continue reading

The Worst Thing You Can Do When Socially Interacting With Someone Who Has A Disability

I can’t begin to tell you how frustrating having a disability can be, but in saying that I feel like I am preaching to the choir on this one. I don’t mean to complain, but I am forever looking up … Continue reading

disability and assistive technology what does this mean in my life

my first experience with assistance technology was some form of archaic communication box whose name I am not even sure of. this communication box was a form of communication that a non verbal classmate used when i was in kindergarten … Continue reading

have the courage to be different

The reality is that living with a visible physical disability can be hard, and humans are curious. Well-meaning people stare and have been known to gawk and give looks of pity. I know this can be frustrating but when you … Continue reading