Understanding Cerebral Palsy: What Startle Reflex Really Means

.You know when a sudden noise causes an infant to jump out of their skin? That is moro reflex. This, as I understand it is a reflex that is normally lost as children grow, but this is a reflex that … Continue reading

adults means a better sense of relating to my world

I have written a lot about my childhood and self-acceptance but I have also noted that the experiences of my life are shaped by how I have grown up relating differently to the world around me or at least this … Continue reading

the cloak of invisibility that comes with disability

When I look at myself I don’t see my disability, in fact its vastly the opposite I see my abilities first. Sure, there is no ignoring the fact that I have one being that a lot of the things I … Continue reading

freedex trikes: a bike built for me

Do you remember your first bike? When I was a kid,like most children I wanted to learn to ride a bike. This led me to try riding my sisters hand-me-down bike without much success. This is because as for anyone … Continue reading

the climate impact on life with a disability

I have written on the subject of disability and climate and how it impacts my life, a few times before but when we go from the warm summer weather to the chill of autumn temperatures by body takes a toll. … Continue reading

self-image and disability

I think the key about self-image and disability is to know that you are worthy of all that is positive in your life.  I know I have struggled in terms of friendship over the years to accept that people want … Continue reading

social inclusion: including those with disabilities in your life

I understand that disability can be daunting in terms of attending private functions at people’s homes because of issues of accessibility. So why do these parties have to be at others homes I mean if your house is set up … Continue reading

sandals and cerebral palsy:how I overcome sensitive feet

Do you struggle to wear sandals because of your cerebral palsy? This is just one follow-up post to bare feet and cerebral palsy. That post in itself sparked a lot of emails and discussion so I thought I would write … Continue reading