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cerebral palsy in the classroom things to consider

I have made adaptations throughout my life and in school was no exception, when I was a kid, I had difficulty seeing the blackboard in the classroom, I don’t think this had anything to do with anything other than my … Continue reading

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Living your Passion

When I look back at the birth of this blog I can’t help but see how far I have come this isn’t to say it wasn’t without struggle, and the reality is a hobby can grow into a passion.  if … Continue reading

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Adaptive Art Supplies

Is anyone aware of tools that make it easier to hold things such as pens or crayon or a markers easier to hold? What about a paint brush? if you like my content why not help me out by joining … Continue reading

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Freedom and Independace: Staying on My Own

So for the last two weeks of July, since before I was born that has been the time that my parents have chosen to take their vacation in the summer. Until this year, I would travel with them to spend … Continue reading

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