2 amazing keys to improving social relationships

Social relationships can be a challenge for everyone, I think that one of the hardest things about having a physical disability, is that it is visible. The harsh reality of society, is that it is the norm for most consciously … Continue reading

Cerebral Palsy in Slow-Motion

I came across an interesting concept: do you ever feel like you’re doing tasks in slow-motion? This is not something I am overly aware of feeling. But I want to explore this, because I am always looking for new and … Continue reading

my memories of childhood hospital stays and the food

As a child I probably spent more time in hospital then I care to remember or choose to admit. If it was for one bout of pneumonia or another which forced me in and out of the hospital for the … Continue reading

Cerebral Palsy Building and Creating Understanding

When I began this blog, it started as a hobby. In essence it was merely a place for me to write my thoughts down about life with cerebral palsy. Of course, I hoped others would read it but being that … Continue reading

Startle Reflex:the question I have always had

I have wondered if cerebral palsy and the startle reflex is commonly associated with it, does everyone with cerebral palsy have the startle reflex? We all use a rss wordpress plugin, do you? … Continue reading

Overcoming Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral palsy is an interesting thing. I was doing some research for upcoming posts and one of the things that struck me is the idea of overcoming cerebral palsy. I am not sure if the intended meaning of that is … Continue reading