living with cerebral palsy

  I have spent a while figuring out how to write this blog post, as lately I have been asked various questions about what living with cerebral palsy is like and although I see and value the importance of such … Continue reading

Feel free to ask questions about cerebral palsy

I struggle to understand why people worry that they will offend me by asking questions. Rest assured that I started this blog as a resource and I am happy to answer questions.  However if on the off chance I am … Continue reading

social inclusion for people who use partner assisted scanning

Understanding one’s need for social inclusion is something I am familiar with from my own life. But I feel like there is a added level of complexity when there is a barrier towards communication. I am the type of person … Continue reading

Partner assisted scanning

I recently was introduced to the idea of partner assisted scanning.  Having gone to easter seals camps as a teenager this is something that almost comes naturally to me. One of my closest friends from camp communicates primarily with a … Continue reading

technology that has made my life with cerebral palsy vastly easier

I grew up during the evolution of personal technology. We had our first family computer when I was a young child. I had access to a computer in the classroom in elementary school and probably before, if I really think … Continue reading

Overcoming Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral palsy is an interesting thing. I was doing some research for upcoming posts and one of the things that struck me is the idea of overcoming cerebral palsy. I am not sure if the intended meaning of that is … Continue reading