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family life doesn’t stop because of life with cerebral palsy

I decided to write this as a way to say happy Mother’s Day weekend all. Spend some time this weekend enjoying family life. Just because it’s Mother’s day weekend shouldn’t change how you interact in terms of family life but … Continue reading

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The Human side to Blogging

I don’t know if I ever explained how the Ottawa trip happened? Well, I did explain how the Ottawa trip happened and my gratitude but I am not sure if I shared the full story pre-trip. I was doing what … Continue reading

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What does a typical weekend look like?

When I was away in Ottawa a student asked about what a typical weekend for me looks like. It has taken me some time to come up with an answer to this question as my weekends are probably far from … Continue reading

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What Does It Mean To Be Spontaneous?

Since returning home from Ottawa I found myself struggling to adjust. The accessible transit system in Ottawa was heavenly. I wish smaller cities would follow and allow for more flexibility. Kitchener’s accessible transit service is fantastic if you like my … Continue reading

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Can you walk at all

Can you walk at all – this is a question I guess that I assume all would know the answer to! And clearly I am mistaken on this one, as I learned this at my presentation in Ottawa. The answer … Continue reading

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Home From Ottawa

Hello how are you all doing? Thank you to those who tried to keep up with my Ottawa adventures unfortunately it seemed that I had some technical issues but alas I am back in action and at home with a … Continue reading

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happy in Ottawa

sorry folks updated from my cell yesterday and it didn’t post! we left some nice weather for late February and today were reminded what a true Canadian winter looks like! the flight was awesome and smooth and my getting off … Continue reading

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My Gratitude for the Generosity of Others

I wouldn’t be sitting here sharing the story I am about to tell if it not for the generosity of others. In late January I was approached by a teacher from St. Pius X High School in Ottawa Ontario to … Continue reading

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Keeping You Informed!

Sorry like I said, I have had a busy week and sadly this is part of the reason I have missed the last few days in updating. But, you will be happy to note if you like my content why … Continue reading

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