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I welcome a child’s curiosity

I think all too often when you live life from the point of view, of a visible disability I think it truly lends itself to being somewhat of a poster child for other folks with disabilities. My perception is that … Continue reading

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working to better the disability cause

As an adult with a disability I have been working to better the cause for people with disabilities since 2009 by means of this blog. I think it is an honor to be the voice for others in a similar … Continue reading

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I think I Can’t,I think I Can’t,but maybe I can?

I think perhaps the hardest part of having a disability is the attitudinal barriers placed on folks with disabilities by society, but have you ever given thought to theĀ attitudinal barriers that you place on yourself? Words like can’t in the … Continue reading

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How the digital age helps people with disabilities

There was a time in history when people with physical disabilities lived a life shut out from society . I’m happy to have grown up in the digital age where regardless of physical limitations beyond my control such as weather … Continue reading

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