have the courage to be different

The reality is that living with a visible physical disability can be hard, and humans are curious. Well-meaning people stare and have been known to gawk and give looks of pity. I know this can be frustrating but when you … Continue reading

Understanding Cerebral Palsy: What Startle Reflex Really Means

.You know when a sudden noise causes an infant to jump out of their skin? That is moro reflex. This, as I understand it is a reflex that is normally lost as children grow, but this is a reflex that … Continue reading

Adjustment Period Required for New Equipment

  Like many, I don’t always enjoy the adjustment period required when you get new equipment. Adjusting to a new piece of equipment is sometimes overlooked.Even with a new wheelchair despite often having a trial period with a chair that … Continue reading

Startle Reflex:the question I have always had

I have wondered if cerebral palsy and the startle reflex is commonly associated with it, does everyone with cerebral palsy have the startle reflex? We all use a rss wordpress plugin, do you? … Continue reading

living out my socially awkward teen years with a disability

Having a disability can be a socially isolating thing but I personally found it a struggle in my teen years. Teens are so socially awkward to begin with that I found a few things useful to realize. People are especially … Continue reading

startle reflex Cold Winter Days, Cerebral Palsy and Tight Muscles

I’ve written a lot on the topic of tight muscles, startle reflex, and cerebral palsy. But being that it is winter I thought it was worth revisiting. This winter, I noticed an improvement in these areas for me, and I … Continue reading

independence: creating a sense of it while having help

I am a self proclaimed princess, which meant that for years I lacked an attitude of independence. Disability can change one’s sense of independence. Having a disability and living on my own has taught me to develop a sense of … Continue reading

disability: how I suggest approaching talking about it with people

Talking about your disability can be a challenge at times. I was talking to a friend the other day and she was asked about how to handle it when people ask those awkward invasive questions. You know the ones about … Continue reading

social isolation and cerebral palsy can be helped by social media

All my life I have struggled with talking to my friends. I know I am not alone with the social isolation that cerebral palsy can create, but have you ever stopped to think how social media can help? It is … Continue reading