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an event for you all to consider

For those of you who have been following my blog for sometime will know that the first Tuesday of September from now on has been named world Cerebral Palsy day.Tomorrow just happens to be that day so if you all … Continue reading

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Looking at social stigma and cerebral palsy

cerebral palsy bring with it in it’s very nature social stigmas. Be it something that causes social isolation because one’s communication or mobility is comprised or access to accessible resources poses a problem. if you like my content why not … Continue reading

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A Recipe for Social Inclusion

Being a teenage girl with cerebral palsy made life interesting. Most teenage girls live life out working or partying depending on personality. Life with spastic quadriplegia: the type of cerebral palsy that I have, made my social life different from … Continue reading

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Lets create social inclusion and remove social isolation

You can’t teach children social inclusion. I believe that the opposite of social inclusion is social isolation and I feel like that the sad reality with a disability is that more often then not they know the social stigmas of … Continue reading

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appropriate education will remove the labels

I grew up with a label on my back, the label of being a person with a physical disability.  There was no hiding the fact that I used wheels instead of feet to get around.  Because of this, I was … Continue reading

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