startle reflex: the art of learning to jump safely

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surprising observations about sleep and startle reflex in adults

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finding the answer that may surprise you

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Startle Reflex:the question I have always had

I have wondered if cerebral palsy and the startle reflex is commonly associated with it, does everyone with cerebral palsy have the startle reflex? if you like my content why not help me out by joining my mailing list its … Continue reading

preventing startle reflex in cerebral palsy

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startle reflex Cold Winter Days, Cerebral Palsy and Tight Muscles

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What I Learned Growing Up In Canadian Winters

Canadian winters means: snow, cold temperatures, and for me an internal coldness for me. The thing that goes hand-in-hand with that is tight muscles. This realization means that I learned my personal limits and to listen to my body. if … Continue reading

moro reflex and startle reflex finding understanding

This post comes out of a recent comment I received:”Have your issues with (startle reflex) remained pretty steady, or do you notice fluctuations?” I thought that my answer would probably be too in depth to simply call for a response. … Continue reading